Nuts about Walnut

Nuts about walnut, the all new Acorn designed armature by Northern Lights

This popular pendant lamp was inspired by an acorn, whose hollow shell provided the model for its shape and wooden top. Like an acorn’s stem, the shade tapers into an organic shape that combines natural materials with unassuming colours. The original design is made with an oak top paired with an aluminium shade coloured matt grey or matt off–white. Now Acorn is complemented by an additional top made in dark walnut.


Both tops are included with each purchase, providing a light- and darkcoloured option to choose from. The top attaches easily to the shade, slotting neatly into the neck and providing an opening for the silk-covered power cable to thread through. Acorn is a natural complement to contemporary interiors, and a great way to shine light across dining tables, desks and work surfaces.


Now available at Roos Design

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